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shroom dosage calculator. how to dose magic mushrooms.

Shroom Dose Calculator – Your Guide to Dosing Magic Mushrooms & Consumption Methods

You’ve ordered magic mushrooms online, and they are about to arrive. How will you know how much to take without a shroom dose calculator or guide? And more importantly, how will that change the journey? The difference between a microdose and a heroic dose may only be a few grams, but it can be a life-changing few grams. Magic mushroom dosage is an essential first step to any trip.

Alongside dosing, is the question of consumption methods. Like cannabis, there are many different ways to consume psilocybin, from a pure dried form to teas and edibles. Everyone has a preference, and with various appropriate applications depending on the person.

The following guide is a straightforward approach to dosing magic mushrooms plus the best consumption methods. Before you head out on your next transformational journey, these points make a great refresher. 

Best Magic Mushroom Consumption Methods

Sensitive stomach? Don’t like the taste? There are more ways than one to appreciate this psychedelic substance.

Dried Magic Mushrooms

Most psychonauts without a shroom dose calculator start with dosing psilocybin the old fashioned way: dried magic mushrooms. A few years ago, the only way to buy magic mushrooms in Canada was in their dried form. Dried mushrooms are picked at peak potency, and dehydrated until shelf-stable. If stored correctly, they will last for months, if not longer. 

How do you eat dried mushrooms? Anyway, you can stomach them. Magic mushrooms have a notoriously terrible taste, and over the years, many experienced trippers have gotten creative in the ways they mask the flavor. Some folks can chew them straight, but many will resort to mixing in with food to get them down. Peanut butter-mushroom sandwiches, cups of yogurt, and other creative recipes are some popular ways to chew through it.

Mushroom Capsules (Powdered)

Experienced trippers often move towards powdered psilocybin capsules. These are pure dried magic mushrooms, powdered and packed into easy-to-swallow capsules. Conveniently these allow for easier dosing, as each capsule contains a precise amount of psilocybin. Most report that capsules are easier on the stomach than dried mushrooms.

Capsules also make microdosing possible. Strength depends on the original material and the producer, but most microdosing capsules contain between 0.05 grams and 0.25 grams of psilocybin. 

Mushroom Edibles

If the taste is all too much for you to stomach, consider experimenting with psilocybin infused edibles. There are two varieties, those made with psilocybin extract and those made with magic mushroom powder. Expertly formulated into delicious chocolate or other tasty treat, edibles make eating magic mushrooms much easier. 

If you buy mushroom edibles online, they are also precisely dosed. You’ll know exactly how much psilocybin each bite contains, to reach the exact experience you are seeking. No big surprises, no nasty taste, but all the same benefits for health and wellness.

Mushrooms Teas

Mushroom teas are mild on the stomach, providing a more gradual onset of experience than straight dried mushrooms. The most straightforward mushroom tea is hot water, honey, and a dose of psilocybin mushrooms, steeped for several minutes. However, you can also buy magic mushrooms teas online. We carry teas in our psychedelic line up, formulated with herbal ingredients for clarity, calm, and general enhancement.

Mushrooms Honey

One of the most interesting methods of eating magic mushrooms comes from San Jose Del Pacifico in Oaxaca, Mexico. Traditionally, mushrooms flush in the Fall, following the rainy season. To preserve fresh mushrooms for the months ahead, local communities place magic mushrooms into jars of honey. When ready, it’s easy to mix a jar with a pot of hot tea for a gentle, soothing onset. This method is easy to replicate at home using dried mushrooms. Combine your favorite strain of mushroom in a jar of honey, and allow to infuse for a few days. 

A Straightforward Guide to Dosing Magic Mushrooms

Now comes the next question, how much should you take? The difference between a small dose and big one is objectively not that much, but astronomically different in the experience. Before setting out, consider your purpose for tripping. Based on the desired result (recreational, medicinal, or spiritual) set an intention and measure an appropriate dose.

Microdose (Medicinal)

0.05 to 0.25 grams

The goal of microdosing is generally not a recreational one (based on the conventional definition of a “trip”). To microdose is to avoid the high, the trip, and the intense sensations altogether. A microdose is small enough that there are no perceptual changes, but sub-perceptual shifts to health and wellness. The benefits may be felt the day of or following a microdosing protocol, perhaps in the following days. You may experience more creativity, productivity, flow, and fewer mental health symptoms (anxiety, depression, etc.). Microdoses are almost always delivered with a capsule because they provide consistent and precise doses.

Standard Dose (Recreational & Medicinal)

1 to 2 Grams

If you are buying magic mushrooms online for recreational purposes, chances are you’ll be looking for a dose between one to two grams. This is the general rule of thumb to experience visualizations (auras, geometric patterns, breathing) but not lose touch with reality. Expect giggling, introspection, increased enjoyment for art and music, and an altered mood. You may find it difficult to focus thoughts or follow a conversation, and you can experience some emotional roller coasters. But generally speaking, this dose will create an overall positive journey, whether you’d planned a fun trip or a more medicinal one.

Therapeutic Dose (Medicinal & Spiritual)

2 to 3.5 grams

While some experienced psychonauts will dabble with more significant doses for entertainment purposes, going above the standard dose usually has more of a therapeutic goal. The Third Wave explains, “This is where the full psychedelic experience begins.” Expect all the same effects of a standard dose, but intensified. That means more powerful visualizations, hallucinations, and emotional experiences (good and bad). During this journey, you will encounter potentially life-changing experiences and reflective thoughts. You may wish to have an experienced sitter around for larger doses.

Heroic Dose (Medicinal)

5 grams or more

A heroic dose is a medicinal and spiritual experience. These doses are used in therapeutic settings, with professional mental healthcare providers to help people work through past trauma and mental health conditions (like anxiety, depression, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Expect a death of ego, intense spiritual experiences, and losing touch with reality at some point. A heroic dose is life-changing, and you may face difficult emotions and memories during the trip. There is a larger risk of having a “bad trip” as a heroic dose can trigger deep fear and anxiety.

Magic Mushrooms: Let the Dose Guide Your Journey

The dose is everything when it comes to psychedelics. A little bit may deliver powerful upgrades to your mind, but a big dose can rock you with life-changing experiences. Magic mushrooms are a powerful natural shamanic medicine and have a lot of show you should you let them.

Plan your journey in advance and clearly outline your intention. With this intention in mind, settle on an appropriate dose. Adapt the method of consumption based on personal taste and what you have available. Just let the experience guide you through whatever should come up. 

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