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What’s The Difference Between A Good Trip And A Bad Trip?

A Good Trip Vs A Bad Trip; How Are They Different?

Magic mushrooms are a popular psychedelic drug that contains psilocybin: a chemical that, when broken down by the liver, turns to psilocin.

This compound is responsible for the visions, dreams, and hallucinations that come with taking shrooms. It will also be the determining factor for whether you have a bad shroom trip vs a good shroom trip.

Psilocin induces audio-visual hallucinations, and significantly distorts reality. It also results in a change of inner landscape, which explains why it’s so commonly used for meditation and introspection. This warping of senses and disconnect from reality is what is aptly called ‘a trip’. 

Many people have reported meeting deities while on mushrooms, and even coming to terms with previously unresolved issues. This is what a ‘good trip’ would typically constitute. 

That said, psilocin is also known to react adversely with some people. In fact, the fear of bad trips is why most people have never tried out mushrooms. Therefore, we thought it pertinent to explain what exactly a mushroom trip is– and how good trips and bad trips feel like. 

This article will, therefore provide information on what determines a good or bad trip on shrooms. If you’ve just bought shrooms online, it will also guide you on how best to prepare for, and navigate through your first mushroom trip.

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What Should I Expect From A Good Mushroom Trip Experience? 

If you’ve never tried mushrooms before, you must be wondering- what is a bad trip on shrooms like? Before we get to that, we should probably talk about what a good trip feels like.

It’s important to mention that two people could never have the same mushroom experience. This makes it difficult to state with certainty what you should expect from your trip. That said, many researchers and enthusiasts continue to document their experiences online; reading these could be a good starting point.

Some people have reported being washed over by a wave of images, colors, and sounds. Thanks to mushroom’s ability to alter the mind’s perception of self, others claim to have shed their selfish and egotistical layers after eating shroom chocolates. 

In this article, Nadjeschda Taranczewski talks about meeting God while on a magic mushroom trip. She mentions feeling an acute sense of grief for humanity and remembers being overwhelmed by the affection she felt towards her loved ones.

“Then, for the first time in hours, I opened my eyes and enjoyed the visual afterglow… the vibrancy of the leaves of the trees outside my window, the rainbow glow surrounding each person that came into my focus…” 

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? It’s safe to assume that this is how a good trip feels like after buying quality magic mushrooms online. 

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Can You Have A Bad Trip On Shrooms?

Bad trips occur when a hallucinogenic drug results in adverse effects. And what is a bad trip on shrooms like? The most common signs of a bad trip include extreme fear and paranoia, disturbing hallucinations, anxiety, and agitation. 

Psychedelics make it harder for you to tell between reality and fantasy. They also impede your ability to tell time; during a bad trip on shroom, 30 seconds may feel like an hour. 

It goes without saying: the last thing you need when you’re going through a bad trip is to feel as though time has stood still. This is bound to make you feel as though your ordeal isn’t ending anytime soon, adding to your anxiety. 

Sounds terrible, we know. However, experts and seasoned users have stated that a bad trip isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s an essential experience with a lot to learn from. Afterwards, you’ll know how to end a bad shroom trip when it occurs. 

That said, here are some of the most common triggers for bad psychedelic trips. 

  • Overeating mushrooms in one go- start microdosing!
  • Being in an anxious state of mind before and while eating shrooms.
  • Being in an environment with excessive stimuli.
  • Combining magic mushrooms with alcohol & other drugs.
  • Doing shrooms alone or with unfamiliar people.
  • Being dehydrated while on shrooms.

This is what a bad trip on shrooms is like. If you want to know how to have a good shroom trip, making sure you’ve crossed off each of these triggers might help. Carry a bottle of drinking water with you at all times, and stay away from potentially risky places- like heights, and unfamiliar streets. 

Often, a bad trip comes about when the user is “resisting” what they see or feel during their trip. This is why it’s important to surrender completely to the experience. 

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How To End A Bad Shroom Trip

It’s not possible to tell the train conductor to stop the train and let you off. In the same vein, it’s not easy to simply stop a bad shroom trip.

Whether you’re having a bad shroom trip vs a good shroom trip, the drug is in control- the most you can do is sit tight and ride its wave. 

Don’t resist difficult feelings/emotions that may come up. 

With time, however, you will learn to control your thoughts during situations like this and find a way to bring them back to something positive. 

What helps: box breathing, deep breaths, meditation, reconnecting with nature.

You should also remember to have a playlist of your favorite music playing. When your consciousness is battling with all these new feelings, hearing familiar music playing in the background will help return you to base.

Music is known to be a compass during psychedelic trips- your favorite Alessia Cara album may guide you and help you remain grounded during your trip.

Also, there is a Psilocybin playlist made by a psychologist at John Hopkins University that supports Psilocybin explorers.)

Try to relax. It’s important to remind yourself that whatever you’re seeing or experiencing is not real. You’ve just taken a drug, and these are its effects. Remember; they’re bound to wear off at some point.

We can suggest getting into mindfulness techniques.

Try focusing your thoughts on something else. This is the most essential rule on how to treat a bad shroom trip. Mindfulness techniques such as meditation and yoga will also help you clear your mind and control your thoughts and emotions. 

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How To Recover From A Bad Shroom Trip

When you’re the one that’s caught up, it may not be simple to figure out how to treat a bad shroom trip.

It’s recommended that you have a ‘trip-sitter’ there with you- that is, someone that understands mushrooms and their psychedelic effects, but that will be sober during your trip. 

It’s very easy to antagonize someone having a bad trip. Therefore, you need someone that will remain calm during your trip, and that can help make sure you’re feeling comfortable and safe. 

If you happen to be the trip-sitter for someone having a lousy trip, it will help to remind them that whatever’s happening isn’t real and that it will be over soon.

If they wander off, calmly tell them that you’d like to tag along, just to make sure they’re okay. You could also recommend this list of fun things to do on shrooms as a means to channel their thoughts elsewhere, and keep them grounded.

Reiki Healing Practitioner in Energizing Session. How to end a bad shroom trip.

What Determines A Good Or Bad Trip On Shrooms?

Many people spend so much effort trying to figure out how to end a bad shroom trip, or how to have a good trip on shrooms, that they end up missing out on the entire experience. You should never attempt to micromanage your trip. 

The most you could do is prepare yourself for the journey, eat your shroom chocolates, and strap in for the ride.

Here are a few tips that will come in handy as you get ready for your first shroom trip: 

1. Buy Your Magic Mushrooms From A Legitimate Retailer

The quality of the shrooms you take will play a huge role in the quality of your high.

Some retailers are known to sell non-psychedelic mushrooms, or mushrooms with very little psilocybin content. Others don’t grow and handle their mushrooms properly, leading to contamination and other risks. 

This is why you should be keen when buying magic mushrooms online. Ensure you’re dealing with a legit dealer; check out their social media to get a sense of how they interact with their customers.

You should also pay attention to what previous customers say about the brand and its products. This should help you make an informed decision. 

reputation image. How to have a good shroom trip. Buy magic mushrooms online.

2. Run All Your Pressing Errands.

You must have heard; a shroom high sets in quite quickly- and may last for up to 6 hours.

It would be a good idea to find a free weekend and set this as your trip time. Afterwards, clear everything that needs to be done within the week.

This will ensure that you’re in a comfortable mindstate during your trip and will keep you from feeling anxious about impending deadlines. 

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3. Have A Clear Intention.

Some people take mushrooms simply because they want to get high and “check out” for a moment. There’s nothing wrong with this. However, experts recommend having a clear intention as a determining factor for whether you’ll have a bad shroom trip vs a good shroom trip.

Having an intention means figuring out why you want to get high. What aspects of your mind and consciousness would you like to explore during your trip?

As you take shroom products more often, you’re likely to get a clearer picture of this and find it easier to set an intention. 

Remember, mushrooms enhance experiences- both good and bad.

If you’re buying magic mushrooms to avoid thinking about an uncomfortable situation, you should probably reconsider.

Setting out with the right intention is the surest way to avoid having a bad trip on shroom. 

Big Mex, a mushroom strain that traces its origin to present-day Mexico, is known to provide a steady balance between spiritual exploration and visual effects. Therefore, your intention when eating these mushrooms could be to dig deeper into your creativity and explore your spirituality.

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4. How Much Shrooms For A Good Trip?

If you’re looking to buy shrooms online for the first time, it’s recommended to start on a small dose. There’s a lot to gain from microdosing shrooms, even for seasoned users. For one, it’s how to have a good shroom trip.

Taking a mushroom tea product like Tea-Luminary allows you to remain in control, and reap the benefits of psilocybin, without being overwhelmed by the high. 

This tea comes blended with natural and organic herbs that are known to work synergistically with mushrooms. Each tea bag contains just 400mg of psilocybin- enough to enhance your mood and lift your spirits without tying you to your couch. This makes it the perfect introduction point for beginners. 

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The Bottom Line- How To Have A Good Trip On Shrooms vs a Bad Trip

You may be wondering: can you have a bad trip on shrooms after having multiple enjoyable experiences? The short answer is yes. 

Even though you don’t have to go through a bad trip, it will probably happen at some point. Experts have mentioned that new users often go through a honeymoon phase. This means that their first few trips tend to be good experiences, making them lose their reservations and, in a sense, lower their guard. 

However, you can do a few things in your quest to have a good, safe trip. Sourcing your mushrooms from a legitimate dealer would be a good place to start. You should also consider taking small shroom doses, only upping the dose when you know you can handle the high. Focusing on a clear intention will also go a long way and help prevent your mind from trailing off. 

The use of psilocybin mushrooms is an age-old tradition. If you have more ideas for how to recover from a bad shroom trip, we’d love to hear them in the comments!

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