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How Much Do Shrooms Cost In Canada?

The Cost Of Shrooms In Canada

The big question in many shroom communities is, how much do shrooms cost? Well, there quite isn’t a definite answer. 


Let’s consider Joe, who grows his mushrooms—or experienced mycologist Jane who decides to forage for shrooms in the wild. 

Or the curious beginner Jake who chooses to buy shrooms. 

All the above parties will pay a different price for their shrooms.

In the long run, growing your mushrooms may look like an inexpensive option. You can order a psilocybin spore syringe that can yield enough mushrooms for your daily use. 

However, foraging and growing our shrooms can be overwhelming for our busy schedules, leaving us with one option; buying shrooms from a trusted vendor

With this in mind, it’s in our interest to share with you what’s a reasonable price to pay for a magic mushroom dose, understand what’s a ‘dose’ of psychedelic mushrooms and how we can purchase shrooms legally.

the effect of magic mushrooms on the human brain and mental health. how much do shrooms cost?

Mushroom Foraging

If you can forage for shrooms in the wild, an eighth of an ounce would cost you next to zero. 

But experts emphasize foraging fungi takes excellent understanding and practice. It’s easy to pick up mushrooms that are deadly look-alikes. 

Then again, experienced mycologists have a hard time recognizing safe from toxic mushrooms, therefore, you need to be extra cautious when foraging.

Notably, in Canada, there are only a few types of psychedelic mushrooms found in the wild. If you’d like to have a go on a variety of magic mushrooms, especially hybrids, then you’ll have to either grow them or buy your shrooms online.

Young man picking mushrooms in autumn forest. How much does a gram of shrooms cost?

Magic Mushrooms Dosage

What is the right dosage for taking shrooms as a beginner? Most people take high doses of psychedelics for self-exploration and recreational purposes. 

However, shrooms have therapeutic benefits. In small doses, mushrooms can help enhance your mental/ emotional state and your general well-being.

An eighth of an ounce of magic mushrooms cost $30 -50$. This amount/ dose of shrooms is sufficient for a full psychedelic experience. 

Different doses give a different experience; here are the different levels of dosage:

  • Level 1. “Microdose.”
    • It is a dosage of 0.8g – 1g of dried mushroom. This is a good dose for beginners as it’s mild or similar to being high on weed. It’s a toned-down experience compared to other doses with slight sound distortion.
  • Level 2: “Light dose.”
    • It’s a dosage of 1g to 2g of shrooms. Here users experience visual and auditory hallucinations. There’s also increased creativity, lightness, and euphoria that can strain communication and concentration.
  • Level 3: “Standard dose.”
    • It’s a dosage of 2g – 3.5g of dried shrooms. This level causes a real psychedelic experience at a potentially safe dose. For a beginner, It’s advisable at this level to have a safe environment of experienced users or friends when taking a trip. You’ll experience visual hallucinations and an altered field of depth, with the surface of objects becoming shiny and even moving.
  • Level 4: “High dose.”
    • A dosage of 3.5g to 5g of dried shrooms. There is an intense hallucination in this level to the point of losing touch with reality. The concept of time fades away, and random, non-existent objects will appear.
  • Level 5. “Heroic dose.”
    • Upwards of 5g of dried shroom. At this level, you break through the barriers of reality and completely lose contact. Hallucinations are intense, and the logical and known perception of reality dissipates.

Level 2 or 3 is the optimum dosage to receive the therapeutic benefits of shrooms. The key to getting the best of magic mushrooms is taking them responsibly and in moderation. In other words, less, at times, is more. 

You can learn more about mushroom dosage in this dosage guide.

Measuring Psilocybin Magic Mushroom Micro Doses in Laboratory. How much does a gram of shrooms cost in Canada? How much does an eighth of shroom cost?

How Much Do Shrooms Cost In Canada?

Shrooms, like any other product, are subject to the law of demand and supply.

In areas where the demand is high and supply low, the prices will be high.

In Canada, an eighth of an ounce of shrooms go for around $30 to $50. A half an ounce in Canada costs around $100-$150, depending on the strain, and an ounce costs between $200 and $250. 

It’s important to note these prices are subject to various factors. This means the prices can go higher or low than the quoted figures- use our figures as rough estimates to give you an idea of where to start.

Here are factors that affect the price of mushrooms sold online in Canada:  

  • Some mushroom strains are more difficult and take longer to grow than others (for example, Penis Envy)
  • Some strains are more potent than others. This means they have a higher concentration of psilocybin per weight, for example, Albino Penis Envy.
  • How rare the strain is due to a challenging growing process, or because they’re simply hard to get – example Psilocybe Cyanescens)
  • Exotic strains like Avery’s Albino, or Great White Monster

The quality is the most important factor. You can tell a mushroom is top quality if:

  • It’s properly dried (cracker dry)
  • The caps aren’t overturned, or spores have not dropped (dark spores on the caps). If the caps are turned upwards or spores have dropped, it means the mushroom wasn’t harvested on time and is over fruited. An over fruited mushroom isn’t as potent as the one harvested at the right time.
  • Fully intact fruits (caps connected to stems)
  • No visible substrate on mushrooms. The properly harvested mushroom will not have a substrate (substrate can make you sick if ingested)

Moreover, there are legal implications in growing and selling shrooms, which amplifies this business’s risk and consequently increases the price. 

At ShroomDose.co, our shrooms meet the quality criteria above and more at affordable prices for you. 

Here Are Some of the Best Shrooms For Sale in Canada:

1. Big Mex

Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana or Big Mex are commonly known as Mexican Magic Mushrooms. The shrooms were discovered 2000years ago and were used by Aztecs for spiritual explorations.

They helped discover profound revelations about life, nature, and the world.

They are good strains for a mild, standard magic mushroom experience. They also give a good balance of visual effects.

For beginners, Big Mex is a good choice for feelings of happiness, positivity, and euphoria.

big mex magic mushrooms for sale online in canada. How much are shrooms in Canada

2. Penis Envy

Penis envy is a rare sought-after magic mushroom among psychedelic enthusiasts. 

It’s a potent cubensis strain that induces intense feelings of euphoria, deep shamanic experiences, deep introspection, and philosophical thought.

Its rarity is attributed to the very few spores it drops making it difficult to propagate.

Penis envy is a very potent strain. This makes it special and transformative. However, it’s not recommended for beginners.

penis envy psilocybin magic mushrooms for sale online. How much does a gram of shrooms cost in Canada?

3. African Transkei

The African Transkei originates from South Africa. 

It’s a highly potent strain of psilocybin mushroom that produces fantastic visuals and a prominent body high.

The African Transkei isn’t famous for spiritual exploration, but it induces stunning visuals, a combination of lights, tracers, geometric patterns building on each other in an enthralling choreography. You’ve got to experience it to appreciate the show.

The strain is for the more experienced psychonauts who have had encounters with other trippy shrooms.

African Transkei magic mushrooms online. how much do shrooms cost in canada?

4. Golden Teacher 

The Golden Teacher strain takes spiritual and psychedelic experiences to a new level.

True to its name, the strain causes feelings of enlightenment accompanied by beautiful visual hallucinations and feelings of euphoria.

Golden Teacher is considered the perfect strain of shrooms for beginners and experienced psychonauts as it offers a mild trip.

Overall, this strain has a beautiful ability to create peaceful, pleasant, and spiritually empowering trips.

All these magic mushroom strains and more are on sale in our store. These products come in various amounts other than an eighth ounce and one ounce. You can also purchase 7 grams (or 2/8 an ounce) and 14 grams (or ½ an ounce).

What’s more, first-time customers get 25% off on their first order with coupon code FIRST25. And for any order over $120, you get free shipping.

how much are golden teacher shrooms for sale

How Much Do Shrooms Cost In Canada? -Takeaway

Whether you decide to grow, buy, or forage for magic mushrooms, you need to be keen on the regulations regarding psilocybin consumption in your locality. Otherwise, all these three options are good sources of shrooms.

However, you can easily skip the hustle of growing shrooms or potential poisoning from foraging shrooms by purchasing quality shrooms from vendors.

At ShroomDose.co we sell quality shrooms at affordable prices. You can be sure of our dedication through our generous rewards program that accumulates points you can redeem for future purchases.

Also, we run special offers for our customers and include free samples with every order.

how much so shrooms cost online in canada

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