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What are the best mushroom strains for visuals. Penis envy shrooms are the best visual shroom strain.

Here Are 7 Best Mushroom Strains For Visuals

Your 7 Favorite Visual Mushroom Strains

Magic mushrooms offer people all over the world the opportunity for a natural and clean high. More importantly, they allow users to lose touch with their sense of ego and self; this has proven to be quite helpful, especially in the workplace. But, what exactly makes them ‘magic’ mushrooms? 

Psychedelic mushrooms- or Psilocybe cubensis, as they’re known scientifically- contain a chemical compound called psilocybin. This compound is hallucinogenic and is responsible for the audio-visual effects of mushrooms. When mushrooms are ingested, the liver breaks psilocybin down to psilocin

Psilocin triggers the parts of your brain responsible for time perception and dreaming. As a result, users of magic mushrooms have reported seeing various remarkable things: warped images, colors, and even halos of light around certain objects. 

Others have met different entities and deities, seen sacred geometry, and even experienced sounds as colors. This alteration of senses is the reason most people try out magic mushrooms in the first place. 

Magic mushrooms are fast becoming the new wave among young and older people alike. Here is a breakdown of some of the best cubensis strains for visual effects: 

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Best Cubensis Strains For Visuals

1. Albino Jedi Mind Fuck

Albino Jedi Mind Fuck is betrayed by its own name. This psilocybe strain is exceptionally rare and has quickly become most people’s go-to. It is a hybrid strain that was created by crossing Jedi Mind Fuck with Albino A+ strains. 

These mushrooms are rather potent and will induce a blissful head and body high. When taken in doses greater than 2 g, you’re bound to experience a string of visual effects. Smaller doses of 1-2 gm will give you a strong yet unagitated high, making it perfect for cruising through the day. 

Albino Jedi Mind Fuck is offered in doses of 3.5 g, 7 g, 14 g, and 28 g, and is perfect for the moderately experienced user. 

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2. Albino Penis Envy 

Albino Penis Envy shrooms are a unique and rare strain of psychedelic mushrooms, bred by crossing Penis Envy with Albino P.F. It is very potent, and is actually one of the strongest Penis Envy varieties. This strain takes much longer than others do to grow and mature; this means that they also produce a lot more psilocybin. 

Eating Albino Penis Envy shroom chocolates induces vivid visual stimulation, making it one of the best mushroom strains for visuals. Its high includes strong feelings of happiness and euphoria. You may also find yourself trailing off into deep introspection and existential thoughts.

Unless taken in small doses, Albino Penis Envy shrooms are best left for the experienced user. 

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3. Leucistic Cambodians

Cambodian mushrooms originate from South East Asia; legend says that John Allen discovered their spores at the famous Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia. 

These mushrooms are rather easy to cultivate; they propagate efficiently, and colonize very quickly. They are very potent, and are one of the best strains for visual effects. 

Leucistic Cambodian mushrooms are a favorite for beginners and experts alike. This strain induces strong feelings of euphoria, enlightenment, and contentment, and may bring on an energy-filled high.

They have a quick come-up- users have reported experiencing effects as soon as 20 minutes after ingestion. Leucistic Cambodians are perfect for hanging out with friends as they fill you with happiness and a yearning for social connection. 

Leucistic Cambodian mushrooms are known to enhance intellectual thought and bring about spiritual fulfillment. This makes them perfect for microdosing

When taken in larger doses, this mushroom strain causes beautiful visual hallucinations. They will also make you more joyful and compassionate and are bound to make you a better person overall. If you’re looking to buy shrooms online, Leucistic Cambodians would be a great strain to start with. 

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4. Great White Monster

The Great White Monster is a rather rare and new strain of mushroom. This strain was bred by crossing the A- strain with Puerto Rican mushrooms, giving it its prized genetics. When taken in doses of 1.5 g -2 g, it results in a medium experience that even novice users can handle. 

The visual effects of this strain are rather intense; it’s important to figure out the proper set and setting before eating Great White Monster shroom chocolates. If you haven’t done mushrooms before, it would be a good idea to have a trip-sitter to guide you through your high. 

Aside from causing visual hallucination, Great White Monster is known to help users find enlightenment and a sense of purpose. After eating these mushrooms, many users have reported feeling a great need to spend their lives living, creating meaningful relationships, and making new memories.

Buying these shrooms online will ensure you get a fresh batch from a legitimate retailer. Most retailers also offer free dosage information to make sure their customers can microdose safely. This strain is available at ShroomDose Online Store in doses of 3.5 g, 7 g, 14g, and 28 g. 

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5. African Transkei

Afrikan Transkei mushrooms are a modern and unique strain of magic shrooms with record potency. These mushrooms bring about a strong body high, together with beautiful, intense visuals. According to many users, it is the best visual shroom strain. 

African Transkei traces its origin back to the wild coast of Transkei in South Africa, hence its name. After consuming this strain, users have reported experiencing stunning visual effects. Expect to see a fiery combination of lights, tracers, patterns, and colors. 

Experts recommend taking this strain in small doses, as it may be one of the strongest cubensis strains for visuals. 

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6. Amazonian Cubensis

For hundreds of decades, native tribes in the Amazon ritualistically consumed psilocybe mushrooms. These mushrooms are believed to have brought civilizations, spiritual and intellectual enlightenment. This is where Amazonian Cubensis gets its name. 

This strain is incredibly potent and grows naturally in Central & South America. Other varieties have also been found growing in North America. You can buy these shrooms online and take them in doses, as it’s one of the best shroom strains for visuals. 

Eating Amazonian Cubensis shroom chocolates on an empty stomach will cause strong hallucinations and psychotropic effects. Beginners should, therefore, start with small doses, as they get used to this strain’s effects. 

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7. Penis Envy

Penis Envy is one of the best mushroom strains for visuals. It’s, therefore, no surprise that it’s one of the most coveted strains among the psychedelic community. Penis Envy has incredible genetics and is often tied to popular mycologist Terence McKenna, who is believed to have isolated it first.

Eating Penis Envy is known to cause vivid mental stimulation. This strain is also spiritually transformative, making it perfect for visual and hallucinogenic quests. It is incredibly potent and rather rare and is best left for experienced users. 

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Here Are A Few Benefits Of Buying Magic Mushrooms Online

When buying magic mushrooms online, it’s important to make sure you’re getting your batch from a proper dealer. This will make it incredibly convenient to buy the strains of your choosing. Most sellers also provide free dosage information, and this will make it easier for you to get the quantities right while microdosing. 

Looking for psychedelic mushrooms in the wild, although interesting, may be quite dangerous. It’s awfully easy to confuse them with poisonous varieties of mushrooms; picking the wrong bunch could be lethal. 

When you buy magic mushrooms online, you can have them delivered discreetly and directly to your doorstep.

Why go hunting through forests when our staff has hand-selected the best cubensis strains for visuals? 

At ShroomDose.co, we are a small, tightly-knit family- we are all passionate about the psychedelic healing powers of magic mushrooms and we are dedicated to providing entheogenic healing to others.

Mental stability, emotional, spiritual, or physical well-being; whatever your pursuit is, we will support you with our psilocybin products sourced from the most experienced cultivators and producers from across Canada.

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