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Micro dose of psilocybin magic mushrooms prepared in university laboratory. medicinal mushrooms benefits. magic mushrooms benefits.

The Medicinal Benefits of Magic Mushrooms

What Are The Medicinal Benefits Of Magic Mushrooms?

Mushrooms are famous for the psychedelic & hallucinogenic experiences they induce. However, they do much more than simply get you high. 

Today, we explore the medicinal benefits of magic mushrooms. 

Many countries are opening up to the idea of decriminalizing magic mushrooms. Most have chosen to make information concerning the drug- and how it should be used- readily available. 

Statistics prove that psilocybe mushrooms have the greatest potential for abuse globally- especially amongst teens and young adults. 

Therefore, this information goes a long way in making sure users know what to expect, how much shrooms to take, and even tips that will help them have an enjoyable trip.

More importantly,  some governments are allowing (and even funding) scientific studies to figure out all the possibilities these magical fungi hold. According to preliminary research, the benefits of medicinal mushrooms range widely.

Medical doctor working with laptop researching the benefits of medicinal mushrooms. buy shrooms online canada.

Magic Mushrooms Benefits- What The Research Says 

For a long time now, psilocybin- the hallucinogenic compound present in magic mushrooms- has been touted to have myriad medicinal and psychological benefits. The potential exists for psychedelic mushrooms to be used to combat depression, stress, and a host of other behavioral disorders and psychedelic conditions. 

Addiction features highly on this list, with psilocybin believed to help quit smoking and treat alcoholism and addiction to hard narcotics. 

Mushrooms are also being administered to cancer patients and other people with chronic illnesses to help ease their distress. 

These initiatives are quite promising and indicate a future in medicine where psilocybe mushrooms play an instrumental part. 

According to Dr. George R. Greer, the most important mission is to figure out how psychedelic therapy can help reduce distress. 

Dr. Greer is the president and co-founder of Heffter Research Institute. HRI is a non-profit research organization dedicated to the therapeutic benefits of psilocybin mushrooms and other psychedelic substances. 

laboratory experiment with psilocybin. magic mushrooms benefits.

Magic Mushrooms As A ‘Spiritual Therapy’ For Cancer Patients

The Heffter Research Institute is particularly invested in cancer-related psychedelic therapy. Its mission is two-fold: “one, to conduct research that will help understand how the brain and mind work; and, two, to use psychedelics to reduce suffering among chronic illness patients,” says Dr. Greer. 

Researchers at the NYU Langone Medical Center have also found that coupled with psychotherapy, a single dose of mushrooms is enough to enhance the emotional welfare of cancer patients- for up to 5 years after administration. 

Psilocybin has been found to ease anxiety and depression for these patients. 

For people battling cancer and other life-threatening illnesses, disillusionment, hopelessness, and despair is bound to set in. Psilocybin helps boost their sense of purpose and spiritual contentment, leading to a happier, more fulfilled existence. 

According to Stephen Ross, MD, the lead investigator for the study, alleviating this despair will drastically reduce suicide rates among cancer patients. 

Mr. Ross is also an associate of psychiatry at the NYU School of Medicine, and is, therefore, uniquely poised to research the benefits of medicinal mushrooms. 

Strong woman wearing mantra scarf. medicinal mushrooms benefits.

Mushrooms As A Cure For Depression

Depression is one of the many ailments of today’s society. 

Statistics from the 2012 Canadian Community Health Survey on Mental Health show that 4.7% of Canadians aged 15 years and older exhibited symptoms of major depression, and 1.5% for bipolar disorder. 

Treatment for depression is imperative, and preliminary research is pointing to magic mushrooms. 

Psilocybin is known to significantly alter people’s states of consciousness. Therefore, it may help people disconnect from their subjective view of the world and the situations they find themselves in. This phenomenon has been found to greatly help ease depression and anxiety. 

However, it’s important to note that medicinal research and benefits go hand-in-hand with psychotherapy. Magic mushrooms are much more effective when administered alongside psychological and psychiatric treatment than when taken alone. 

Sad woman crying during psychotherapy. benefits of medicinal mushrooms. buy shrooms online.

Will Psychedelic Mushrooms Replace Antidepressants In Clinical Treatments Today? 

The short answer? Probably not. But, should they? Absolutely.

Many treatments for depression use ketamine, or ketamine-like drugs. And while small doses of ketamine have been found to ease depression, the drug is known to cause certain side effects– like distorted hearing and vision. 

effects of magic mushrooms on depression. buy magic mushrooms online in canada.

There also exists the potential for addiction and abuse; ketamine is best known for being a club drug; it was only recently considered for use as an antidepressant- often as a ‘last resort’ for ‘extreme’ cases. The truth is, we need a treatment that doesn’t bear these many drawbacks. Soon.

When taken in small doses, Mushrooms can help ease depression, anxiety, and stress; they are worth considering as a treatment. Psilocybin is less addictive than ketamine; it also doesn’t cause physical withdrawal symptoms. 

Micro-dosing on shroom chocolates may be the best way to ensure you keep your depression at bay without being overwhelmed by the high. This will make you even more productive at work or school. 

Young woman lying on floor with tablets scattered. order magic mushrooms psilocybin online.

Mushrooms To Help Quit Smoking And Curb Other Addictions

A small pilot study from researchers at Johns Hopkins University shows psilocybin administration greatly helped long-time smokers break the habit. The subjects were monitored over a follow-up period of 12 months. 

According to Matthew W. Johnson, who led that study, psilocybin may also be capable of treating substance abuse- that is, dealing with alcoholism and cocaine addiction. 

“In well-orchestrated sessions, psilocybin can essentially shake someone out of their routine and mental repertoire. It gives them a glimpse of the larger picture, and creates mental plasticity in which people can step outside of those problems,” says Matthew. 

Another small study- this one researching alcohol dependency- also reported that heavy drinking and other symptoms of alcoholism declined significantly following psilocybin treatment. As is the case in many countries worldwide, addiction to alcohol and other substances is a real problem for many people in Canada. 

medical benefits of shrooms

If this research proves to be a success, this would be great news for people struggling with substance abuse and other addiction disorders

Fist crashing cigarettes for quit smoking. Buy psilocybin mushrooms online.

Mushrooms For Everyday Use: Is Microdosing For You?

More people are opening up to the idea of letting magic mushrooms guide their day. Even if you aren’t already a part of this group, then you’ve probably heard a great deal about microdosing on shrooms

When taken in doses larger than 2 g, magic mushrooms cause significant distortion of the senses. There also exists the risk of having a bad trip. However, when you take it in smaller doses, you’ll be free from its overwhelming effects

Buying magic mushrooms online to microdose has been found to affect you just enough that you’re significantly different from your normal self, but not enough for you to cross over to the psychedelic realm.

We have a variety of microdosing options; all of them bear incredibly positive reviews, and have helped numerous users find a sense of balance, peace, and calm in their lives. 

Benefits of microdosing shrooms

For example, Miracle Mood, a microdosing bundle from Myco Mind, will help provide bliss and joy. These shrooms will help promote positive thinking, ease depressive mind states, improve your mood, and even boost your dopamine levels. 

This will make you more objective in your day-to-day encounters and is bound to drastically improve your quality of life in the long-term. 

MasterMind’s Cookies & Cream shroom chocolates will also be a great fit for someone looking to enjoy the medicinal benefits of magic mushrooms without getting too high. This chocolate contains 1500 mg of psilocybin. It tastes delicious and provides an easy way to consistently get a dose of mushrooms. What’s more, you can conveniently buy these shrooms online.

MasterMind’s Cookies & Cream shroom chocolates fro sale online

The Safest Way To Buy Magic Mushrooms Online

When buying shrooms online, you should ensure you’re buying from a legitimate retailer. There are many different subspecies of magic mushrooms: some are edible, yet contain no psychedelic properties. 

This, coupled with the fact that some mushrooms found growing naturally in the world are poisonous, is the reason you should buy your magic mushrooms from an expert that produces their own batch. 

If you’re looking to microdose, buying magic mushrooms online may be the safest way to do it. 

To provide the best value for our customers, we offer a free microdosing guide with each purchase. 

Alongside the information on just how many shrooms to take to get high, this guide also breaks down what to expect when you’re tripping on shrooms. 

We also deliver right to your doorstep and offer free shipping for orders worth over $120. 

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